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White Wall Clocks And Their Significance

White Wall Clocks And Their Significance

The clock is a timepiece. It is termed as a watch when worn on the hand. It is called a wall clock when hung on the wall. Wall clock figures in the list of popular gift items for marriages and functions. Moreover, there is a lot of sentimental value attached to the wall clock stemming from the value of time in human lives and the beautiful designs. In this article, we will be discussing the significance of white wall clocks. We will also be discussing some of the best wall clocks you can buy.

Significance Of White Wall Clocks

 Given below is the significance of white as a color on the wall clock.

White Wall Clocks And Their Significance
White Wall Clocks And Their Significance

Visibility: White in the dark background and vice versa is easy for the eye to see vis a vis other colors 

 Accuracy: Sweeping accuracy of these wall clocks are more efficient than other clocks

Beaty: White color wall clock adds elegance to the room. White color fits perfectly with the wall with any color be it dark or bright. Apart from any other color wall clock, white color looks premium.

White color is also of great significance in one’s life. The color white resembles safety, cleanliness, peace, and purity. Moreover, the white color resembles goodness and innocence in humans. It shows that your thoughts are pure, and you have true inner feelings without any negative thought. In short, white adds calmness to one’s life. 

Best White Colour Wall Clocks

White Wall Clocks And Their Significance
White Wall Clocks And Their Significance

Given below are some of the best white wall clocks.

  • Seiko wall clock ( Size-40 cm x 40 cm x 4 cm): It has a round shape with the right combination of colors, easy to maintain as it is made up of plastic. Moreover, the clock is engraved with roman letters, which adds aesthetic values.
  • Funki tradition’s white peacock wall clock with a pendulum is beautiful to the eye, and its sturdiness and durability make a perfect fit for your living room. The pendulum is affected only by the length and gravity, thus contributing to its accuracy.
  •  Crafts world White & Black Classic Plastic Wall Clock: High accuracy, low maintenance, and high visibility makes it very attractive wall clock
  •  Mark Feldstein Original Singing Bird Clock .7-Inch by Mark Feldstein: It includes 12 beautiful songs from North America; also exotic birds are engraved, which makes it very attractive 
  • Casio Round Wood Analog Wall Clock (36 x 36 x 7.5 cm, White and Brown): Wood tone frame and roman letter markers along with dual time make this clock a good value proposition.
  • Casablanca Wooden Wall Clock is round-shaped with roman letters backed by good battery life 
  • Casio Round Resin Analog Wall Clock: Accuracy of the clock is +/- 20 seconds per month is a unique feature. Moreover, the clock has a second dial that gives an impressive look. 

Final Context

These were some of the best white color wall clocks you can purchase for your home. They not only look premium but also comes within your budget.

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