Wall Clocks: Best Wall Decor For Your Room

Wall Clocks: Best Wall Decor For Your Room

Wall clocks are timepieces that are fixed on the wall. They have not lost their charm and appeal even today with time display in all electronic devices. Wall clocks are of two basic types- Analog and Digital. Analog wall clocks have a numerical or roman numerical display. They can be powered by mechanical and electric energy, which activates the quartz or the pendulum to generate vibrations, which enables the gear circuit.

In contrast, digital clocks are powered by batteries to allow the circuitry. The display of the wall clock is in the form of digits. In this article, we will be discussing the reasons for buying a wall clock. We will also be discussing the types of materials used in a wall clock, along with the things to consider while purchasing a wall clock.

Wall Clocks: Best Wall Decor For Your Room
Wall Clocks: Best Wall Decor For Your Room

 Reasons To Buy Wall Clocks 

There can be various reasons to buy a wall clock. Some people buy a clock as home décor, while some buy the clock to gift it to a friend or loved one. Some of the most common reasons to buy a wall clock are mentioned below.

  • There are powerful sentiments and customs attached to wall clocks. It is presented as a gift at weddings, house warming ceremonies, etc. 
  • Adds decor value to your room. Beautiful designs of the wall clock add to the aesthetic value of the wall. For instance, a cuckoo bird sound in the clock would be pleasing to one’s ears 
  • It is seen as a harbinger of fortune in different cultures. 

Materials Used For Making Wall Clocks

Materials such as plastic, modern alloys, stainless steel, and wood are primarily used for making clocks. The internal gadgetry is made of electronics.

 Things To Consider Before Buying Wall Clocks 

Before you buy a wall clock for yourself or to gift someone, you should consider the points given below. Considering these points before buying a wall clock will help you buy the best wall clock.


A quartz wall clock is the most accurate with plus or minus 10 seconds deviation per month. The mechanical wall clocks are less accurate. and need constant keying to reduce the errors. Quartz works in a silent mode.


Visibility is a function of geometric shapes and colors. For instance, a circular clock would enable one to see from all angles. Colors enhance visibility, for example, white background with dark colored hands can make it attractive, and at the same time, it enhances visibility.


Durability is a sensitive issue, quartz clocks work on electronics, unlike mechanical watches, which can be repaired in case of damage. One has to buy a new one in the case of quartz when the circuit gets damaged permanently. However, there is less chance of quartz going down, and it usually functions throughout one’s life.

Wall Clocks: Best Wall Decor For Your Room
Wall Clocks: Best Wall Decor For Your Room


Quartz clocks require negligible maintenance; you need to change the batteries once in a year. Mechanical watches require more maintenance, but it is still economical. 

 Space Acquired

Look for the amount of space the wall clock will acquire. Most of the quartz clocks weigh less compared to mechanical watches and occupy less space.

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