Simple Tricks To Decorate Your Home Like An Interior Designer (Number #5 Is Very Simple But Makes All The Difference!)

When you know what to do with your house, then there is no need to spend money looking for an expert to design your space. Also, it always feels good to design your own house based on your personal preferences and styles. With that said, there are tons of inspirations you can use to convert your so-call dull interiors to stunning designs.

Use Three Colors Or Shades: Color Schemes

A bouquet of flowers in a vase on a table

One of the best ways of turning your home space into amazing rooms is to employ the color scheme techniques. You need to choose at least three of your favorite colors or shades. There should be one primary color for the walls. Another shade should be used for more extensive accents such as chairs and couches. Finally, the third color should be used on smaller accessories such as pillows, knick-knacks, flowers, and other small décor. Moreover, you should ensure that your choice of colors brings light into the house, avoiding dull colors.

As much as we are talking of at least three different colors or shades, using one color scheme with different shades is also okay. For instance, you can use an all-white color with varying shades.

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