Preserve Time: The Top Five Essential Antique Clocks You Must Have

Preserve Time: The Top Five Essential Antique Clocks You Must Have

Thousands of years have passed, and man has endeavored to harness the passing of time. Time seems to fly and blow away fast like wind and never freezes for anything. The evolution of clocks has passed soon, but we can preserve time by having a collection of the antique clocks of the 18th and 19th centuries. The earliest sundial clocks replaced by digital ones, but the array of beautiful eye-catchy antique clocks is worth it. If you are a fan of collecting clocks, the antique ones are indeed the most intriguing and innovative to keep.

The Top Five Antique Clocks Collection You Must Have

Here we have listed the top five essential antique clocks which you must have in your collection. These clocks represent the history of the most intriguing and innovative technological advances. These extraordinary timekeepers would certainly shine in your clock collection.

Preserve Time: The Top Five Essential Antique Clocks You Must Have
Preserve Time: The Top Five Essential Antique Clocks You Must Have

The Renaissance Clock- 16th Century: Antique Clocks

It is considered to be one of the greatest innovations in the renaissance period. The clock is a spring-driven and rarest collection of an early table clock. It is encased in a fire gilt brass and has 24-hour increments with its hour and minute hand. The movements of the hour and minute clock are crafted with iron, a verge escapement, and two hammers.

The renaissance clocks are the ultimate luxury rare timepieces to own in your antique wall clocks collection.

The Long Case Clock With Moon Phase- The Henry Moze Clock

No antique wall collection can be complete without this beautiful long case grandfather clock. The renowned clockmaker Henry Moze made this walnut talk clock in London. It features an eight-day movement that is set to strike on the hour. In addition to this, it also has the mechanical feature to display dates the phases of the moon.  

The moon phase clock was significant in the 17th and 18th centuries to people. It helped them to make night journey taking full advantage of the moonlight.

By the 1730s, streetlight had become common in London and other large cities and towns, making the moon phase clock became less critical. But this clock represents the caliber of a London clockmaker. It is a perfect décor and addition to an antique clocks collection.

By the 1730s, street lamps became popular throughout London as well as other towns and cities.  The moon dial became less useful when artificial lights were in use.

This can be one of the most valuable antique wall collections.

The Houdin Mystery Clock

The clockmakers became more creative as centuries past. More innovative designs and diverse array of fascinating timekeeping mechanisms came into existence. Among these exceptional arrays of creations, there was a famous mystery clock designed by Jean Eugene Rober.

The mystery clock is made of a single hand transparent glass dial that rotates without any visible connection to the movement.

This clock is one of the most beautiful clockmakers’ creation and among the rarest too. This unusual clock inevitably brings magic to the collection of antique clock watches.

Preserve Time: The Top Five Essential Antique Clocks You Must Have
Preserve Time: The Top Five Essential Antique Clocks You Must Have

The Annular Dial Clock

The first annular dial clock came to France in the 1700s. It is a very popular watch among the wealthy patrons during the Napoleon III period. It is known for its aesthetic beautiful look and unique mechanical function.

The hands of the clock are set upon the face of the clock and its annular dials rotate the chapter rings for hours and minutes. The hour and minute ring have a cupid, snake or any decorative element attached to it to point towards the time.

Conical Clocks

Among the accessible collection of clocks, is the conical mystery cock. Unlike traditional watches, the conical clock has pendulum which swings to and fro from side to side in a circular motion.

French conical pendulum watch came into existence during the 19th century. It is a classic example of technical and artistic mastery.

It represents perfect engineering accuracy and has a high aesthetic appeal. It is truly a masterpiece to keep in the antique collection.

Add To Your Antique Collection

Each of these elegant timepieces represents an essential chapter in the history of timekeeping. Keeping these classic timepieces is truly valuable and worth a lot of penny in your antique collection.

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