Antique Wall Clocks: Special Touch For Empty Walls

Antique Wall Clocks: Special Touch For Empty Walls

Wall clock is an object in the household that we are certainly familiar with. As a timepiece, the wall clock plays a vital role in everyday life. Without a clock, of course, residents of the house will be bothered by the existing schedule of activities. No wonder that almost every principal room in the house is always decorated with a wall clock placed in a strategic position. Aside from being a timepiece, clocks are also often used as attractive room decorations. Various innovative and different designs of antique wall clocks usually cause awe. Indeed, the artistic value of a unique clock makes it often sought by both the watch collector and you as a homemaker who is looking for decoration.

Together with ten inspirations of the antique wall clocks, we want to show you some unique choices of wall clocks that have succeeded in making the room look more different.

A Vintage Touch On A Unique Ancient Wall Clock

By placing a unique ancient wall clock in a modern residence, a different theme is created, and the interior looks attractive. This unique wall clock is quite large and dominates an empty wall. Without the presence of this antique wall clock, the house will still look beautiful. But with its presence, the atmosphere of the house feels more artistic.

Antique Wall Clocks: Special Touch For Empty Walls
Antique Wall Clocks: Special Touch For Empty Walls

Wall Clock As Part Of Kitchen Furniture

A wall clock blends perfectly with the overall theme of kitchen furniture as well. With a simple design, this unique wall clock is also equipped with three small minimalist unique wall clocks.

With its presence, a monotonous room looks more beautiful. Surely the cooking or baking event will also be more timely. Thanks to this unique wall clock.

Unique Wall Clock With Dual Functions

Who says you can only install one unique wall clock as a cute room decoration? This unique wall clock inspiration looks different from the order of several wall clocks at once in cheerful, colorful pop. Do not forget, the bottom used as a hook that serves as an additional hanger at home. Of course, without even being used as a hanger, this unique wall clock already looks cute and different from the others.

Combination Of Numbers & Letters

The combination of numbers with letters is not new to the unique wall clock design. But this unique wall clock with jumbo size and rests directly on the wall is indeed quite exciting and makes the house guests chuckle in admiration.

Thin Wheel For A Minimalist Antique Wall Clocks

A unique wall clock with a minimalist impression can still look different and impressive. In terms of thickness, this unique wall clock is quite thin and neat when supported on the walls of the room. The beautiful and attractive impression of this room is getting brighter thanks to the unique wall clock which is placed together with some matching themed wall hangings.  The result, the room looks increasingly different.

DIY Antique Wall Clocks

The unique wall clock does not always have to be a luxurious style or famous factory output. An example is a unique wall clock that embedded in a wall coated with chalk material.  Residents of the house have the freedom to work with an exclusive wall clock display desired at any time. It is very suitable for a child’s bedroom.

Antique Wall Clocks: Special Touch For Empty Walls
Antique Wall Clocks: Special Touch For Empty Walls

All you need is the main shaft of the machine as a time indicator, and the rest only uses the symmetrical technique to mark certain hours according to the angle formed. Even for the needle, you can add other creative decorations.

Antique Wall Clocks With Oil Painting?

Combining hobbies and skills can indeed give birth to other innovations. On this unique wall clock, the main canvas is in the form of oil paintings that look abstract with beautiful colors. Residents of the house who do have a great taste will also not bother decorating with other displays.

This unique wall clock can be a new representation of art. Just add a few additional decorations that are simple enough with the same color theme for a charming finishing touch for anyone who sees it.

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