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A Beautiful Garden Clock

A Beautiful Garden Clock

A clock section in any large departmental store will have as many clocks on display as they have shoes in a nearby section. So when we choose shoes based on occasion and mood, why not a clock? Notably, an all-purpose sturdy garden clock for outdoors, unlike a sleek one indoor?

Our Ancestors Knew The Time

The history of clocks is as old as the civilization itself. Though the modern clock was introduced to the human race in the 13th century, our ancestors before Christ weren’t bereft of time. With a varying accuracy, humanity has known of the hours in the day or night. People predicted time by watching their shadow or merely noticing the position of the sun above their heads. In the night, the stars and the moon were an accurate indication as much as the overhead sun in the day. Hourglass and water clocks were better scientific inventions of those times.

A Beautiful Garden Clock
A Beautiful Garden Clock

The observation of these celestial beings did not give you the accuracy of the fast-moving hand of the seconds nor the more precise digital clock that shows milliseconds. However, a great leap forward was achieved when Christiaan Huygens introduced the pendulum in 1657.

Why A Garden Clock?

Having put those fancy wall clocks indoors, you may sometime wonder why not have a nice piece in my patio or the beautiful garden outside? Do you want to walk inside frequently to know the time? Especially when you are prone to throw away your mobile phones and wander outside? Or while enjoying your hard-earned weekend, with a glass of chilled beer or a cup of warm beverages in the lawn? When you are alone or when you are with your loved ones in your patio or backyard, would you like to go indoors looking for time? All you want is a little glance at your sturdy yet beautiful garden clock you match with the fence, flora, or flowers around.

Choosing The Right Garden Clock

A garden clock is like an all-weather hard-working person who will stand up and work despite the vagarious of harsh conditions around. They remain unaffected by rain or shine. Therefore, a garden clock available in the market today have a variety of specification to choose from. The garden clock does more than show the hours and minutes. Apart from showing time, it also doubles up as a weatherman telling you the temperature and humidity.

Essential Features Of A Garden Clock

Being an outdoor being, we always make them of sturdy metal frames and metal hands. We can give these metals any fancy finishing. You can opt for a natural wooden finish, a retro look, an antique, or a dull rustic finish. You have a range of choices in terms of finish. Go for one to suit your outdoor theme or buy one to match your fence. They are weather and UV resistant. They do not succumb to monsoon, summer, snow, or sleet either.

As I have mentioned, a Garden clock is fully equipped to be a weatherman alongside denoting time. They have a hygrometer to measure the humidity of the air ranging from 0% to 99% RH. The inbuilt thermometer can measure from -60 to beyond 140 degrees Fahrenheit. Choose a piece meant for your town or city’s weather temperament.

A Beautiful Garden Clock
A Beautiful Garden Clock

For accurate timekeeping, they come with Quartz movement. It is preferable to go for large numbers display for easy visibility. And, for peace, chose the one with silent non-ticking and sweeping mechanism.

The Icing On The Cake

When we have the luxury of time, there is a great deal of life, peace, and happiness just outside the front door. Whether it is our dream house with a barbecue, a cute cooking place and a minibar in and around our lawns or a simple cozy garden, a beautiful garden clock would forever be an icing on the cake.

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